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Past and present Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD, Masters and Honours students


  • Dr Robert Salomone - Data analytics for a data driven clinical research hub - Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr Edgar Santos Fernandez - Spatio-temporal modelling of stream data - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Jesse Sharp - Modelling reef recovery on the Great Barrier Reef - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Nikola Poli - Bayesian analysis of N-of-1 clinical trials - Research Assistant

  • Dilishiya Kalpani - Bayesian adaptive design for monitoring submerged shoals - PhD student

  • Amalan Mahendran - Experimental design methods for efficient inference in large data settings - PhD student

  • Katie Buchhorn - Adaptive design methods for large-scale stream networks - PhD student

  • Fathima Najimuddin - New statistical methods to design experiments for mechanistic models - PhD student

  • Harry Sisley - Stochastic network flow optimisation for green beans processing - PhD student

  • Mark Baxendale - Optimal scheduling of plastics manufacturing - PhD student

  • Jack Powers - Optimisation of surgical waiting list management - PhD student

  • Reiner van Rooyen - Investment factors and strategies for Australian default defined contribution superannuation members - Masters student

  • Travis Langton - Mixed Integer Programming to determine rail capacity of the Central Queensland Coal Chain - Masters student


  • Dr Miranda Mortlock - Green beans prediction - Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr Mohammad Mahfujur Rahman - Machine learning methods for detecting vessels on waterways - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr David Warne - Robust Bayesian design - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Jacinta Holloway - Bayesian design and precision ecology - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Shen Liu - Integrated Mining Project - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Matt Falk - Innovating optimal experimental design through Bayesian statistics - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Catriona Ryan - Innovating optimal experimental design through Bayesian statistics - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Catherine Leigh - Innovation for data and analytics workflows - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Daniel Kennedy - Queen's Wharf Brisbane: Data exploration - Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr Su Kang - Bayesian models for spatio-temporal assessment of disease - Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Jeff Hsieh - Financial and environmental benchmarking to improve access to finance - Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Jagath Gedara - Bayesian design for multiple response models - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Mahasen Dehideniya - Optimal Bayesian experimental designs for complex models - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Pubudu Thilan - Model-based adaptive monitoring: Improving the effectiveness of reef monitoring programs - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Matt Cooper - Identification and control of nonlinear dynamical systems - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Sarini Abdullah - Modelling Parkinson Disease using Bayesian variable selection and association analysis - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Buddhi Wijesiri - Assessing uncertainty in relation to urban stormwater pollutant processes - PhD student (completed).  Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award.

  • Dr Simone Yasui - The effects of anthropogenic disturbance on the maintenance of the community structure and composition of grassland ecosystems in southeastern Australia - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Yukun Ma - Quantitative chemical risk assessment to urban receiving waters from traffic generated pollutants - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Daniel Subramaniam - Dynamics of nitrogen and suspended solids removal in experimental stormwater biofilters under intermittent wetting and drying - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Pradeep Amarasinghe - Resilience of South-East Queensland's water supply - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Sri Astuti Thamrin - Bayesian survival analysis using gene expression - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Chris Drovandi - Bayesian algorithms with applications - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Marcela Cespedes - Detection of longitudinal brain atrophy patterns consistent with progression towards Alzheimer's Disease - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Lee Kien Foo - Optimal experimental design for nonlinear models with pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic applications - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Anupam Chowdhury - A framework for determining rainfall parameters for stormwater quality treatment system design - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Shovanur Haque - Assessing the accuracy of record matching algorithms in data linkage - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Gustave Pariartha - Optimisation of climate change adaptation for urban stormwater management - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Ashiq Rasheed - Statistical framework for water sensitive urban design - PhD student (completed)

  • Dr Thamali Meegahage - Mathematical modelling of first flush - PhD student (completed)

  • Boyd Tarlinton - Impacts of change of environment on the composition of microbiota in Australian stingless bees, Tetragonula carbonaria - Masters student (completed)

  • Zeke Ahern - Exact and approximate optimisation for strategic bus network planning - Masters student (completed)

  • Giuseppe Pilgatti Jordao - Model choice of biological growth - Masters student (completed)

  • Matsumi Suzudo - Using mobile phone data for traffic analysis - Masters student (completed)

  • Thu Huong Le - Masters student (completed)

  • Sarah Armatys - Predicting performance in university mathematics units with data mining and regression methods - Honours student (completed)

  • Ricky Ng - Understanding whether plant functional traits are predictors of fitness - Honours student (completed)

  • Tanya Dodgen - Remote estimation of stream height - Research Assistant

  • Grace Heron - Remote estimation of stream height - Research Associate

  • Apurva Khemani - Improving the quality of avocados upon delivery into Asia - Research Assistant

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