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Software and presentations


  • An R package for pseudo-Bayesian optimal and adaptive sampling designs on stream networks <link>

  • An R package for Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling on stream networks <link>

  • Sequential Monte Carlo for Bayesian sequential design for Copula models <link>

  • Laplace-based sequential Monte Carlo algorithm for Bayesian adaptive design <link>

  • Bayesian design for minimising uncertainty in model-based predictions in spatial processes <link>

  • Evaluating the total entropy utility function within a sequential Monte Carlo design framework <link>



  • 2/2/2023: Talk for AusTRIM <slides>

  • 13/12/2018:  Invited talk at CEDA2018, Hsinchu, Taiwan <slides> (presented by Pubudu Thilan)

  • 10/09/2018:  Invited seminar at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy <slides>

  • 28/07/2018:  Invited talk at JSM2018, Vancouver, Canada <slides>

  • 16/04/2018:  Invited talk at SIAM UQ18, Los Angeles, USA <slides>

  • 29/06/2017:  Invited seminar at University of Southampton, Southampton, UK <video>

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